Point Rod Mounts for Model Railway

Kathy Millatt Modelling
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These are 3D print files for a point (switch) block to go underneath a model railway.

I use 1mm piano wire to throw my points and I needed a way to hold that under the layout and also to throw a microswitch to power my point frogs. I use a standard long lever microswitch such as this one:


You will need to solder a vertical piece of piano wire to a piece of wire long enough to cross the layout. At a spot that lines up roughly beneath the point throw bar, solder the vertical piece. This vertical piece should be long enough to pass through the layout to the point and come out below the point block.

I covered all this briefly in a livestream:


  • Point microswitch and throw mount

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  • Point microswitch and throw mount
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Point Rod Mounts for Model Railway

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